Viewpoint for Projects™ Keeping the Team on the Same Page

The Solar Decathlon Africa competition date, September 2019 is drawing near and excitement in the team is building. However, the process of developing a fully integrated zero-energy house design was always going be a challenge. Not to mention managing multiple team groups and document submissions across each of the ten grading categories:

- Architecture

- Engineering & Construction

- Market Appeal

- Communications & Social Awareness

- Appliances

- Home Life & Entertainment

- Sustainability

- Health & Comfort

- Electrical Energy Balance

- Innovation

Fear not though, thanks to a collaborative partnership with Agile Business Technology we’re on top of our schedule. Jaco Barnard and his team have been working closely alongside us to deploy the Viewpoint For Projects™ document control platform.

The cloud-based platform (rated as the #1 Common Data Environment (CDE) in the UK) allows us to keep connected with transparent communications, give team leads higher permissions and access (need to know basis), create workflows for streamlining document submissions, and track accountability of each team member’s responsibilities.

The integration of Viewpoint into our team operations has played an instrumental role in creating a healthy and productive team dynamic. We have nothing but glowing reviews of our experience and would not hesitate to recommend it to other players in the Architecture, Engineering & Construction sectors.