Team Mahali at Work and Play

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Team Mahali recently hosted our first full team working session and social, finding the perfect balance between productivity and team building.

Team Mahali gets together and gets productive

We live in a digital world where communications, plans and projects can be executed in their entirety without a team ever having to meet face-to-face. We experienced exactly this when we started up Mahali. Our team members study at two different universities in Cape Town and we've successfully submitted our first big submission to Solar Decathlon Africa without having a single full team meeting.

While we're thankful for the efficiency of email and Skype, we felt it was high time we got everyone in the same room to put faces to names and add some personality to our project. We decided to host an in-person team working session and social to get a chance to share ideas, brainstorm, make crazy drawings, laugh at the jokes that Skype can't appreciate, and spend some fun, social time together sharing food and wine.

The afternoon started with a working session and ended with a team social. M'hudi Wines and Woolworths South Africa kindly sponsored food and wine for the team to enjoy together.

Mbali, our engineering lead, has the following to say about the working session:

"The engineering and architecture team members presented their initial concepts. The session was valuable for problem-framing, idea-sharing, offering feedback and highlighting concerns. We held discussions for the main group and also had a break-away session for individual team discussions. The best part was seeing and experiencing the various backgrounds, fields of study and personalities in our team. As we outlined our next steps at the end of the day, there was a shared sense that we have a mammoth task ahead of us, but also excitement at the possibilities of the path ahead. Go Team Mahali!"

Team Mahali's super productive working session

Team Mahali's super productive working session


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