Plantify – Where Plants meet People

By Modise Tsiu and Dona van Eeden

Source: Plantify Instagram

Plantify is an exhilarating online and in-store plant nursery run by a small team of passionate devotees based in Gardens, Cape Town. They aim to make plant ownership easy, accessible, and fun. This is a one-of-a-kind store, where plants meet people. Through wonderful in-store and online customer service, they have built a good relationship and community with their customers, making them return again and again.

Plantify sources a wide range of plants and delivers them all over South Africa for their customers' convenience, assists with sourcing plants, and will answer your questions about taking care of the plants you bought there (you can read their comprehensive plant care instructions here if you don’t want to call in). They even offer a reliable indoor greening consultancy service that can advise several home and office greening needs. Let’s have a look at what makes Plantify the go-to store for all your plant nursery needs and how this amazing company brings people and plants together.

Quality Products and Services at an Affordable Price

Plantify has an exceptional range of quality products and services, as mentioned above. These products and services are happily offered by Plantify, as they want to help you keep your plant babies happy and healthy. They have accessories and supplies that make plant nurseries convenient for everybody, even new plant parents. On their website, you can see all their products on offer, and by following their Instagram, you can get ideas of how to decorate your space with their plants and pots aesthetically. Their range of planters is sure to dress your home up beautifully and show off your gorgeous and healthy plants.

When buying a plant or a pot at Plantify, you can be sure of great quality. The super quality of their goods and services are accompanied by great customer service, as you can email them any questions you have about your plant care needs, and they can even help source some rarer plants for you. Plantify even caters to those who love plants but don’t have green thumbs or space for millions of pot plants, with a range of botanical prints and art pieces. This range of products diversifies and extends their reach to different people, making it possible to bring all people closer to plants.

This outstanding quality and high-level service doesn’t even break the bank and comes at affordable prices (unless you want to invest in some rare plants, but even they are worth saving up for). They even have frequent sales where you can be sure to find your new, affordable plant friend. Plantify shares informative journals on their website where customers can learn new plant nursery techniques, appropriate equipment to use, and more necessary information. This high level of quality care is a result of the passionate team at Plantify.

Bringing People and Plants Together, Sustainably

When discussing Plantify, it's almost impossible not to mention sustainability because they strive to be as sustainable as possible. As a small, local shop they would love to be carbon neutral and source even more ethically than they already do, but this always proves to be a big challenge. From sourcing to marketing to plant care, Plantify chooses the sustainable option wherever possible.

One of the many ways Plantify draws people and plants together is through their broad range of beautiful and unique pots and baskets designs produced locally. By supporting local entrepreneurs, they benefit our communities directly through job creation and reduce transport costs and emissions. Plantify sells eco-friendly fertilizers, pesticides, and fungicides, which serve as sustainable plant care options and have a lower impact on the environment than conventional products. Their trendy stock of products is all packaged in custom-designed packaging made from completely recycled material!

So, there you have it! Plantify is a truly inspiring store with a community of employees and customers who connect and share a love for plants. Companies like Plantify must exist and flourish in our society because it proves that companies that possess good values can succeed.

Please become part of the Plantify community by visiting them in-store, visiting their website, or following them on Facebook and Instagram. They post aesthetically pleasing photos of their plants.


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