Mahali Impresses Industry at Green Building Council Event

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Team Mahali hosted our first industry networking event last month and introduced the Solar Decathlon to the Green Building industry in South Africa.

Shaking up Net Zero with Team Mahali

On 18 July Team Mahali hosted a group of 30 carefully selected members of the green building and sustainability industry for a fun, informal event to meet our team, learn about Solar Decathlon and Solar Decathlon Africa and get a glimpse into the plans we have for Mahali.

Shaking up Net Zero was an opportunity for the industry to see what the next generation of net zero energy innovators (that's us!) are up to. Many of them have never heard of the Solar Decathlon, giving us a chance to introduce to the local industry in Cape Town something of what is happening in the world of residential solar and energy innovation around the world.

The Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA) was kind enough to provide a beautiful space to host the event and local food and drinks sponsors helped to create an inviting space. The Duchess offered a fun tasting of their non-alcoholic gin and tonic, which allowed the attendants to indulge as they wanted before driving home. Local small-scale wine producers, M'hudi Wines sponsored delicious red wine and Woolworths South Africa provided finger foods to snack on.

Shaking up Net Zero with Team Mahali

The guests were very interested in the Solar Decathlon and the potential it brings to South Africa to promote residential green building innovation. Solar panel, software, and insulation suppliers jumped at the opportunity to get involved. We also had the opportunity to meet with industry experts in energy balance and efficiency open to providing guidance to our student team.

Manfred Braune, the Executive Director of the GBCSA introduced Team Mahali and promised their support for us. Being the leading green building certifications and training authority in South Africa, this support means the world to us.

Manfred Braune, Executive Director, Green Building Council of South Africa

It was a wonderful afternoon and we're thrilled with the connections we made. We hope to continue building these relationships with industry experts and product suppliers and we're excited for future collaborations. We would like to thank the Green Building Council of South Africa, The Duchess, M'hudi Wines and Woolworths South Africa for sponsoring the event as well as all the attendants for their positive attitude and support.

Keep an eye on our events page for upcoming events hosted by Team Mahali!

Shaking up Net Zero with Team Mahali