Meet the Siblings Cycling Around Morocco for Team Mahali

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Bother-sister duo Ross and Cara are cycling close to 1000km around Morocco this summer to raise funds for Team Mahali. Get to know the siblings and make your contribution.

Two siblings. Four wheels. A crowdfunding campaign for Team Mahali.

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Ross and Cara have always been fond of cycling and each other.

Always fond of their bicycles (and tricycles!)

But cycling and having fun as a kid is much different to committing to a three-week journey on two wheels through a foreign country in order to raise funds for a Solar Decathlon Africa team. Ross explains:

"While cycling through Croatia last year with my good friend, I fell absolutely in love with this mode of transport and am adamant that it is one of the best ways to travel foreign places. It offers increased autonomy and a chance to experience weird and wonderful places well outside the bustling flows of urbanites and tourists. The desire to choose paths less travelled is reinforced by the form of the bicycle, too. Exposed to the chaotic movements of the city on a relatively fragile machine makes it viscerally clear that the desire for clean air and silent hillsides is borne both of beauty and of necessity. In these rolling hillsides and deep valleys we hear our thoughts and our desires most acutely. Like the wind against your ears they seem to announce themselves as questions from the deep and silent hum of eternity."

This year the siblings decided to tour Morocco by bicycle, aiming to cover 1000km over a period of 20 days. Read the entire campaign story here.

Ready to peddle

We’ll be covering coastlines, the Atlas mountains and desert regions on two pedal-powered wheels and bags of dried fruit!

"Being amateur cyclists and in the midst of blistering summer we’re not sure we’ll make it! Nonetheless, our mission is to explore and express the beauty of green mobility, and so we’ve created a crowdfunding campaign to help raise funds for Team Mahali so that we can get 10 students over to Morocco next year to help build our sustainable, net-zero energy, solar-powered house. We hope that our adventures will spark some inspiration in those wanting to try alternative ways of travelling, and to adopt forms of mobility that tread gently on our Earth, bodies and minds."

For these three weeks Ross and Cara are taking over the Mahali Instagram and Facebook accounts, so follow their adventures and engage online!

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Other ways to help

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